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Fitim Sadiku

Fitim Sadiku

General Secretary

Born on June 10, 1974, He completed primary school in Dumnica, and gymnasium "Aleksandër Xhuvani" in Podujeva. In 1998 he graduated from the Law Faculty in University of Prishtina, whereas the bar examination on 30th May 2004. Mr. Sadiku also completed the basic/introductory exam for judge and prosecutor. In February 2002, Mr. Sadiku used to work as an intern at the Advocates Chamber of Kosova and ABA/CELI.

During this one year period he acquired professional experience through trainings, workshops, work in the Lawyer's Office and from the practice in local courts. After completing this internship, Mr. Sadiku worked for three months in the Municipal Court of Prishtina, as an execution officer. From June 23, 2003 he was employed in the Ministry of Public Services as a Senior Officer for monitoring municipal services.

Upon the establishment of the Ministry of Local Government Administration, mr. Sadiku moves to this Ministry, respectively in the Department of Local Administration, namely as Procurement Manager. By the end of 2005 until August 2008, Mr. Sadiku was employed within the Legal Department of the Ministry of Local Government Administration, namely as the Head of Division for Implementation of Responsibilities and Transparency in Municipalities.

Starting from August until the end of November 2008, he returned to the Ministry of Public Services, whereby he was appointed as Director of Department of Central Administration. In November 2008, Mr. Sadiku was appointed as General Secretary within the Ministry of Public Services. Whereas, starting from 27.07.2011 he was appointed as General Secretary of MPA for a three year term.

He attended many workshops and study visits in the country and abroad. Inside the country he attended workshops and trainings concerning Civil Service and drafting of legislation, whereas, in terms of study visits abroad, he conducted several study visits such as in Paris, London, Edinburgh, Skopje etc.

Mr. Sadiku attended a two-year training program "European Law and its adjustment with the European Legislation". This project was organized by the Government of Republic of Kosova and supported by the European Agency for Reconstruction. Fitim Sadiku, in addition to the mother-tongue Albanian language, he speaks Serbo-Croatian language, and have moderate English language skills.

He is married to Njomëza, and is a father of two children: Jon and Dion. Currently residing in Fushe Kosova. Since the end of last year, Mr. Sadiku, upon the decision of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo, was appointed as General Secretary.