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Rejhan Vuniqi

Rejhan Vuniqi

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs


Rejhan Vuniqi (born on 16 January 1974 in Prishtina) is the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo.She holds this position since September 2017, as she continues to exercise it to date. 

In early 2011, Ms. Vuniqi managed the Office of the President of the Republic of Kosovo, to continue after that for four consecutive years as a Senior Political Advisor and Chief of the Cabinet of the First Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Mr. Behgjet Pacolli.       

Prior to receiving the post of Deputy Minister, Ms. Rejhan Vuniqi had been the Head of the Finance Department at Mabetex Holding for two consecutive years.

In addition to the multi-year work experience, Deputy Minister Vuniqi speaks four foreign languages. She completed her Bachelor's degree in Kosovo, while her Master's degree abroad.

Ms. Vuniqi completed her Bachelor's degree at the University of Pristina in the Department of English Language and Literature and later in the degree Banking and Finances at Iliria College, while she completed her Master's degree at Staffordshire University in London, UK in the Business Administration degree.

Rejhan Vuniqi lives in Prishtina, is married and has two children.