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  • 04 September 2018

Ambassador Adam Ereli

Former Leader of US Public Diplomacy at State Department


Kosovo’s Foreign Ministry is on the cutting-edge of public diplomacy. 

As this ground-breaking publication details, its digitallysavy diplomats have successfully married social media and communications with people-to-people exchanges and thought leadership to strengthen alliances and demonstrate that emerging democracies can provide the political and social space for diversity of thought, belief and expression. 

As a former leader of America’s public diplomacy apparatus, I commend the authors for their innovative and far-sighted use of soft power to advance our common interests. 

Petrit Selimi, Kosovo’s Deputy Foreign Minister in charge of the country’s public diplomacy program, represents one of Europe’s brightest young public diplomacy pioneers. As a keen observer of history and a child of the digital age, Mr. Selimi understands the ineffable yet ineluctable link between communication, public attitudes and policymaking. As his nation’s Deputy Foreign Minister, he leveraged social media, academia, the arts and international thought leaders to establish Kosovo as an exemplar of tolerance and openness. Thanks in large part to Mr. Selimi’s vision, support for people-to-people exchanges and skillful use of information technology, Kosovo has become a leader in demonstrating that emerging democracies can provide their citizens the political and social space for diversity of thought, belief and expression.

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