Director General


Prof. Dr. Beqir ISMAILI, Ambassador

Director General of the Diplomatic Academy

+381 38 200 77 153 




Born in: 1959 

Place of Birth: Kosovo 

Primary School: “Emin Duraku” in Prishtina 

Secondary School: in Damask, Syria 

Faculty: Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt

Graduation: in Faculty of Arab Language, in the same university

Masters: in the Faculty of Language and Literature, on the thesis: “Impact of Arabic language in Albanian Language”

Doctor of Sciences, on the thesis: “Development of Arabic Language and Literature in Kosovo”

- First Albanian awarded with the title of “Prof. Dr.” for the Arabic Language in the Middle East

- Has completed the Studies at the Albanian Diplomatic Academy in Tirana, Albania, for defending the diploma, has presented the topic: “International Policy of Muhammad Ali Pasha – critical view on the foreign policy”

Family Status: married, with four children 

Work and Activities: 

Science, culture, politics, information, diplomacy 

- 20 years of informative and journalistic activities on the pan-Albanian territories in general, and for Kosovo in particular through the agency “Alba Press – Cairo”.

- Representative of a series of official institutions of the Government of Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia in Egypt and the Middle East.

- Member of various social, scientific, cultural, literary, historical, etc. institutions.

- Over 800 writings on Albanian subjects published at the Arabic and Albanian press.

- 132 books published in Arabic and 12 in Albanian, in various fields of history and culture.

- Beqir Ismaili was assessed (published) also among the voices of the writing “Encyclopedic Dictionary, Albanian Journalists and Publicists”, page 189, Tirana, 2005.

- Beqir Ismaili, Academic/Egypt, was assessed among the voices of the writing “Successful Albanians in the World”, character in the book 100 success histories on the 100th anniversary of independence”, page 201, published by the Albanian Excellence, Tirana 2012.

- He and his family gave an expensive “tribute” to the Kosovo issue; two brothers of Prof. Beqir were massacred and disappeared. The great parental house was burned and completely ruined.

- As a representative of the Kosovo Government institutions in Egypt, he concluded 19 significant agreements between the institutions of both countries.

- Headed the Mission of Kosovo in Egypt during 2011 – 2016.

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