Academic Board

Duties and responsibilities of the Academic Board of the Diplomatic Academy are defined under Article 10 of Regulation no. 01/2012 on the Functioning of the Diplomatic Academy of the Republic of Kosovo.


"1. The Board shall be an advisory body of the Diplomatic Academy, which shall provide advice on composition of training, study and research policies.


2.  The Board shall perform the following duties and responsibilities:

2.1. Approve training program of the Diplomatic Academy;

2.2.  Appoint Honorary Members in cooperation with the Director of the Academy;

2.3.  Shall serve as a platform for discussions within the Academy and, upon request, assist in conceptualization of specific documents of MFA. 


3. The Board Members shall be appointed by the Minister for a four (4) year term:

3.1. The Board shall comprise of 7-9 members of high national and international academic level, civil society and local and/or international diplomats;

3.2. The Board Members shall be external associates of Academy, excluding the Director of Academy, who at the same time shall be the head of this advisory body."

On 30 September 2013, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Enver Hoxhaj, took the decision no. 502/13 on Establishment of the Academic Board of the Diplomatic Academy, with the following composition:


  1. WOLFGANG ISCHINGER – Chairman of the Munich Security Conference since 2008.
  2. WOLFGANG PETRITSCH – President of the Austrian Marshall Foundation and Fellow Researcher in Joseph A. Schumpeter University of Harvard.       
  3. SHAUN BYRNES – Retired US Diplomat, former head of Kosovo Diplomatic Observer Mission, member of the Board for International Studies of Indiana University.
  4. ZEJNULLAH GRUDA – Director of Research Institute for War Crimes.
  5. IBRAHIM GASHI – Professor Associate for subjects: History of International Relations and Foreign Policy and Diplomacy in the University of Prishtina "Hasan Prishtina”.  
  6. ILIRIANA ISLAMI - Professor Associate in Law Faculty in the University of Prishtina "Hasan Prishtina”.
  7. VENERA HAJRULLAHU – Executive Director of Kosovar Civil Society Foundation. 

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