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Recognition of the Republic of Kosovo by the Kingdom of Swaziland

The Embassy of the Republic of Kosovo in London received today a verbal note from the Ambassador of Swaziland, based at the Embassy of Swaziland in Kuwait, Prince Senzangakhona Phesheya Dlamini. The Ambassador, acting as the special emissary of the Foreign Minister of Swaziland, has been in contact with and held talks regarding recognition with the Ambassador of the Republic of Kosovo in London, Dr. Muhamet Hamiti.

The verbal note, which is attached, as you can see is not addressed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo, or any other institution in Kosovo, but is addressed to the resident and nonresident diplomatic representatives of the Kingdom of Swaziland.

In the note, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Swaziland informed its own diplomatic representatives that “The Kingdom of Swaziland has formally recognized the Republic of Kosovo”.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo, through diplomatic channels, is in contact with the Swaziland authorities in order to formalize this recognition.
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