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Minister Hyseni met with Foreign Affairs Minister of Republic of Turkey, Ali Babacan

Kosovo Republic Foreign Affairs Minister, Skender Hyseni had a productive meeting with his counterpart, Foreign Affairs Minister of Republic of Turkey, Ali Babacan.

Prishtina - January 13, 2009

During the meeting they brought up numerous topics that dealt with close multilateral cooperation between the two countries, with specific emphasis on economic, politic and cultural cooperation.

Both sides confirmed the commitment to move lead forward bilateral relations, which are in a perfect level and equalized in mutual historical, cultural, and friendly relations. In the meeting between the two delegations, it was extensively mentioned the situation of the actual developments in Kosovo, the challenges that Kosovo faces with in this phase of state building and the progress of foreign policy of the most recent country in the world.

After the assertion about the progress that Kosovo has made during the first year of independence recognition, they especially focused on one of the main Kosovo challenges of its foreign policy: process of recognition. Minister Hyseni informed his Turkish counterpart on the progress of lobbying process as one of Kosovo Foreign Affairs Ministry priority, meanwhile Minister Babacan offered Turkey ‘s help on this process, which he considered very important for Kosovo.

During the meeting, it was also discussed the topic of the economic cooperation, focusing on the possibility to invest in Kosovo. Foreign Affairs Minister of Republic of Turkey, Ali Babacan offered help of the Turkish country in many sectors such as education, culture, economy, security, etc.

In the meeting of the two delegation, ministers Hyseni and Babacan agreed on having talks on regular bases in regard to several matters bilaterally and multilaterally.

Both ministers shared the same opinions that miniter Babacan’s visit is a historical visit for Kosovo. 

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