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Minister Hyseni received the US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Europe Mr. Stuart Jones

During a meeting, Minister Hyseni and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Jones had a long talk about issues and topics dealing with and about Kosovo. During the meeting, they talked widely about the recent developments in Kosovo, EULEX spreading, process of recognitions for the country of Kosovo and other processes related to Kosovo’s reality.

Prishtina - January 13, 2009

Minister Hyseni informed the US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Europe Mr. Stuart Jones about Kosovo Ministry of Foreign Affairs plans of action for the present year in the key realms of focuses, the priorities of the Ministry, with specific emphases to increase the number of recognitions for Kosovo and the preparations to be done in order to represent Kosovo issue in the International Court of Justice.
During the meeting, both interlocutors shared mutual points of view in relation to all issues discussed among them. 

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