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Minister Hyseni resumes the MFA work before press

Today, Minister of Kosovo Foreign Affairs, Skender Hyseni held the last meeting with journalists for this year. In his speech addressing to the press, Minister Hyseni started with MFA work resume since its establishment, also mentioning some main achievements.

Prishtina - December 29, 2008

The consolidation of the MFA internal structure and recruitment of a considering number of civil staff, the increase of law infrastructure via drawing the legal framework with a specific emphases on drawing two project-laws very important to MFA function, increasing the diplomatic net, through opening of the first 10 Kosovo embassies in the world, lobbying as one of the proprieties of the ministry, etc, were only some of achievements that Minister Hyseni evidenced during his speech before the press. Minister expects new and quick recognitions in the first part of the New Year, answering to media interest on the process of recognition. After mentioning the priorities of Kosovo Foreign Affairs Ministry for the next year, minister Hyseni envisioned the opening of at least ten more other embassies and some consulates, which will offer consular services for Kosovo citizens. Some of the embassies expected to open during 2009 in the following countries: Montenegro, Macedonia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Sweden, Netherlands, Columbia, Japan. Whereas, consular mission are envisioned to open in the following countries: Germany (Berlin, Frankfurt, Stuttgart), Swiss (Zurich, Bern, Geneva), London, Paris, Rome, Vienna, New York etc.

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