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Minister Hyseni addressed a speech to AUK

Yesterday, Kosovo Foreign Affairs Minister Mr. Skender Hyseni addressed a speech to American University of Kosovo with the topic: “The Challenges of Independence”.

Prishtina - December 3, 2008

Facing a large number of students audience, Minister Hyseni mentioned the challenges that Kosovo is facing continually in the aftermath of independence process, closely focusing on challenges faced by Foreign Affairs Ministry, in the process of its consolidation.

During the speech, Minister Hyseni briefly pointed out historical developments in Kosovo that led to independence, especially emphasizing the negotiation process of Rambouillet.

Furthermore, Minister Hyseni focused a part speech on preparations that Kosovo is making to member in various political and economic organizations, the process of recognition, Kosovo diplomatic service and its functionality.

The speech of Minister Hyseni attracted high interest among students; it was indicative considering many questions that students addressed to Minister. Topics of frequently asked questions were: opening of embassies, decentralization, six points plan, etc. 

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