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Ghana Republic – the 86th country recognising the Independence of Kosovo

Prishtina, 23 January 2012 – the Republic of Ghana is country number 86 that has recognised the Republic of Kosovo as a sovereign and independent country.

The decision to recognise the Republic of Kosovo came today (Monday) from the Government of Ghana, and it was formally communicated by the Minister for Foreign Affairs of this country, Alhaji Muhammad Mumuni, to the Deputy Prime Minister Pacolli.

As already announced by the Principal Deputy Prime Minister of Kosovo, Behgjet Pacolli, the recognition by Ghana follows intense diplomatic activity which Pacolli has carried out in this country.

“Ghana has been one of the difficult countries in Africa, since the influence of our northern neighbours was significant. Nevertheless, we managed to do a good job. In December last year, I had a meeting in New York with the President of the country, John Ata Mills, and several meetings with the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mumuni. I am happy that the recognition from Ghana has reached us, and I remain an optimist that recognitions for Kosovo will continue to come”, said Deputy Prime Minister Pacolli.

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