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We will not accept any intervention

The setting on fire of Jarinje border checkpoint by Serbian parallel structures should not be seen only from the perspective of the border checkpoint, but as an intervention of the Serbian state within the territory of Kosovo, as a violation of the sovereignty and this is a part of an agenda promoted by President Tadic for six month already, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo, Enver Hoxhaj said in an interview for Kosovapress.

New York, July 31, 2011 (Kosovapress)

Kosovapress: Mr. Minister, can you share details regarding your meeting with the UN Secretary General?

Hoxhaj:  In this meeting I attempted to inform the Secretary that what is happening these recent days where a border checkpoint was set on fire by Serbian parallel structures and directly by the Serbian Government, should not be seen only from the perspective of the border checkpoint, but as an intervention of the Serbian state within the territory of Kosovo, as a violation of the sovereignty and it is a part of an agenda already promoted for six months now by President Tadic and other officials of the Serbian government, an agenda which aims aggression in the Republic of Kosovo and an agenda aiming to separate the north of Kosovo and incorporate it into Serbia. My attempt was that the recent changes be interpreted from a broader perspective and not be seen only as a situation created at the border.

Kosovapress: You met with the UN Secretary General a day after he met Jeremiq. The latter one, in the statement issued yesterday stated that he was well received Tadic’s statement was praised. While meeting with the Secretary, was the UNSC Resolution 1244 mentioned and what was said about the intervention of the Kosovo Police special units in the north in protection of the territorial integrity.

Hoxhaj: The Republic of Kosovo is an independent and sovereign state recognized by 77 countries which are UN members and with his positions, the Secretary General also reflects the positions that these countries have towards the Republic of Kosovo. Therefore, my attempt also was that he may be informed in detail on the developments in the Republic of Kosovo. In this case, the decision of the Government in implementing measures of reciprocity and implementing the government decision by positioning border police and customs officers is in full compliance with the Ahtisaari package and with the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo. I have made my efforts in informing him regarding our position and it is certainly understood that in such meetings one does not reflect on what he has discussed with others and others are the least eligible to speak on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo.

My position was that as long as Pristina does not aim in controlling anyone’s life in Belgrade then Belgrade should stop its attempts in controlling life within Kosovo.

During the last 20 years, local Serbs have been used at all times as an instrument under the claim of their protection in order to intervene in all countries of the region. During the dissolution of the former Yugoslavia, during the last two decades Serbia has intervened in Croatia and Bosnia as well, under the claim that they’re protecting local Serbs. It has also intervened in the Republic of Kosovo. Therefore, borders in the region are closed once and for all, the territorial integrity is a closed issue and the region should have a European perspective, and it is the position of the Government of Kosovo that through the dialogue which is facilitated by the European Union we should resolve all differences of practical-technical matters and we are ready to continue the dialogue as we’ve done so until now.
We shall not accept any intervention and no agenda of Serbian aggression within the territory of the Republic of Kosovo and we will never accept, in any form, that someone may partition a part of the territory of the Republic of Kosovo which is a part of a sovereign and independent state and recognized by 77 countries.

Kosovapress: Let’s go back to your yesterday’s meeting with the Chair of the UN Security Council. How were you received and was Resolution 1244 mentioned since that body issued the resolution? Did they want to limit the competencies of Kosovo competent bodies in extending its activity throughout the territory of Kosovo?

Hoxhaj: Resolution 1244 was not mention in that meeting. However, according to Resolution 1244, the Republic of Kosovo is a joint customs zone and according to this Resolution the issue of Kosovo customs seal is also resolved and which at the time, the Special UN Representative Zannier had conveyed it directly to the Government of Serbia that the issue of customs seals is a resolved matter for the UN as well.

Kosovapress: Have the talked been interrupted? Will they continue even after the new situation in northern Kosovo?

The Republic of Kosovo is committed to regional peace, security and stability. We are very determined in having good relations with all countries of the region. We are very determined in establishing normal relations with Serbia too. We will never accept the policy of a nation dominating another nation. This politics belongs to the past and we think that dialogue is an instrument which will contribute to the settling technical-practical problems. Mr. Cooper will be in Pristina during the next week and we will see what will his agenda and his proposal is and how can we move forward. The Government of Kosovo remains committed that all problems which are in the interest of the citizens of both our countries be resolved through dialogue. But we are not interested in any way that someone, by creating tensions in the political situation, by manipulating Serbian citizens and by state interventions since there is no country in Europe where a second country aims to exercise sovereignty within another sovereign state. We do not accept such interventions and as the Government of Kosovo we are determined and we shall not waver from such a position in any way.    

The recent EULEX statement was against the recent actions undertaken by the Government of Kosovo on the protection of the territorial integrity and sovereignty. Time ago, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo was stating that we are against UNMIK and that this had expired. But what is the thought about EULEX, can there be an official positioning regarding this mission or relations have to improve despite the rather harsh EULEX reaction declaring the intervention of the Kosovo Police special units as illegal?

Hoxhaj: I have not managed to see such a statement of EULEX as I have been travelling all day yesterday and for as long as I don’t have the original text of this statement I think that the best way is to constrain myself, but I can say one thing, that EULEX is a powerful partner of the Republic of Kosovo and our European journey means that we should have a very good cooperation with EULEX as well.

Kosovapress: Does this mean that there won’t be any influence in the final decision taken by the Government of Kosovo in protecting the territorial integrity?

Hoxhaj: The Government of Kosovo is a representative of an independent and sovereign state while EULEX has its mission in accordance with the Ahtisaari package and in accordance with helping the Republic Kosovo regarding the Rule of Law, for us it is essential and very decisive that we have collaboration in all forms with all relevant partner institutions. It would be a wrong approach of Kosovo if our European partners will be having dilemmas of our European future because of the lack of good cooperation with EULEX. The position of the Government of Kosovo is that EULEX is a partner, it should be closely cooperated. Meanwhile, the differences which may exist at a given time are differences which occur during in a particular moment but not at all in our vision for a European Kosovo.

Kosovapress: What is your message for Kosovo Albanians and other communities after these important meetings?

Hoxhaj: Citizens of Kosovo should be convinced that their Government will protect the state interests of the Republic of Kosovo in all ways. At the same time we are very interested that Kosovo will be a state of citizens, multi-ethnic, belonging to everyone, thus, the actions of the Government of Kosovo in the north are also for the good of local Serbs, for the calm and peace and the economic development. All citizens of Kosovo should trust the institutions of the Republic of Kosovo despite the fact that during these days Kosovo had a heavy challenge. Kosovo shall always exist and us in our institutions should be very unified in terms of the state interest and in promoting the state interest. The process of the birth of Kosovo has been a difficult process and much has been sacrificed for it and we have to make maximal efforts to protect and promote our state. /Q.Doda/ 

Interview du ministre Enver Hoxhaj pour "Epoken e Re"La Serbie plus agressive envers le Kosovo