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Hoxhaj: Serbia cannot enter the EU without recognizing the independence of Kosovo

Paris, 3 May - In an interview for the “Radio France Internationale”, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo, Enver Hoxhaj, said while talking about the European perspective of the Balkan states, that Kosovo is against any launch of negotiations on the Serbian accession to the EU for as long as Belgrade refuses to recognize the Republic of Kosovo.

“We believe that Serbia must recognize our independence and see the reality. Both our countries need to work together so that one day we enter the European Union. If Serbs do not accept that and do not have good neighborly relations with their neighbors, it will be impossible for them to join Europe,” said Hoxhaj. 

Minister Hoxhaj called on France and other European states to convince Serbs to open the reconciliation chapter with Kosovo by recognizing its independence and the new reality created in the Balkans. 

“I do not think that Europe can accept the membership of one country that has many pending issues and conflicts with other states in the region. The time has come for the European diplomacy to act. Europe should exert more pressure – the people of Serbia, of Kosovo and of the entire region would benefit from it,” said the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Envery Hoxhaj, for “Radio France Internationale”.

Interview du ministre Enver Hoxhaj pour "Epoken e Re"La Serbie plus agressive envers le Kosovo