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Minister Hoxhaj: Kosovo has created an investment friendly climate

Prishtina, 8 July 2011 - During his visit to Italy, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo, Enver Hoxhaj, gave an interview to the Rome-based Mediterranean News Service, ANSAmed.

During the interview, Minister Hoxhaj spoke about the main developments in and about Kosovo along the integration perspective of our country and the economic development processes of the Republic of Kosovo. 

The Kosovo Foreign Minister said that amongst the pending and urgent issues for Kosovo is the issue of the visa liberalization for its citizens in order to allow free movement within the Schengen zone. 

“We are a very isolated country,” the Minister is quoted as saying; however he expressed hope in gaining the visa liberalization guide soon in order to achieve this objective in 2012. 

In this regard, Hoxhaj also expressed his full trust in the Italian support in advancing the integration processes of Kosovo towards the European Union. 

Minister Hoxhaj said that over the next ten years, all the Balkan countries should join the EU in order for the EU project to complete, and also “because of new nations that can contribute to the European economy.” 

During the interview, the Foreign Minister of Kosovo also spoke about the situation in Kosovo, with a special focus on the suitable environment created for foreign investment. 

In this regard, Hoxhaj said that Kosovo has an investment friendly environment due to its proper fiscal policies, qualified labor force and opportunities to reach markets in other Balkan countries.  

Hoxhaj also spoke about the commitment of the institutions of Kosovo to advance the overall cooperation with Italy. 

Minister Hoxhaj further said for ANSAmed that he is engaged in ensuring a foreign policy that promotes cooperation and that involves the civil societies of both countries, including cultural initiatives.

“In the meeting with Frattini we will focus on ways how to further advance our political and economic relations, but will also see how to promote projects that aim at approximating our citizens,” Hoxhaj is quoted as saying. 

Talking about the political aspect, Minister Hoxhaj acknowledged the role that Italy has played in fostering peace, stability and security in the Balkans and also in support of the European integration of Kosovo. 

“In the economic aspect, there is ongoing work on reaching several agreements on the tax system, infrastructure and promotion of Italian investments in the country,” Hoxhaj further said. 

Amongst the sectors that are open and could be attractive to Italian investors, Minister Hoxhaj mentioned agriculture, construction and information technology, where Kosovo, as the Minister said, has many qualified youngsters. Moreover, the Minister also pointed out the rich lignite reserves of Kosovo. 

The visit of the Foreign Minister of Kosovo, Enver Hoxhaj, to Italy has been covered by the various Italian media and agencies. 

Following his visit to Italy on Friday, Minister Hoxhaj joined the Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, in Dubrovnik, in the Croatia Summit, where European Union representatives and other leaders from the regional countries are participating. 

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