September 2014

EU and NATO Department

EU and NATO Department

The EU and NATO Department is responsible for coordinating and supervising relations with EU and NATO member states, as well as bilateral security relations with all the countries with which Kosovo is a partner. The Department coordinates and oversees foreign policy, with regard to increasing consensus and support from member countries for Kosovo’s path toward integration in Euro-Atlantic structures.   In accordance with its mandate, the Department coordinates relations with the EU and NATO that relate in particular to these institutions’ foreign policy and security. The EU and NATO Department supports and coordinates foreign policy with regard to the EU and NATO, as well as other issues in foreign and security policy.

The EU and NATO Department has two divisions: The EU Division and the NATO Division

The EU Division is comprised of three sectors:

Sector of EU relations,
Sector of EU policies,
Sector EU alignment.

The NATO Division is comprised of two units and three sectors:

Unit for political issues,
Unit for security issues

Sector of NATO relations,
Sector of NATO policies,
Sector NATO alignment.

Asdren GASHI, Director DEUNATO
Tel: +381 (0) 38 213 290
E-mail: [email protected]

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