October 2015

Services for citizens



Authorizing public documents issued by institutions of the Republic of Kosovo can be done only in Kosovo, based on the authorizing chain system. To use Kosovo public documents in other states, Kosovo citizens must do the following: - Verify them in the institution responsible for their issue, - Authorize them in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and - Authorize them in the...more

Consular Services

The Republic of Kosovo has accredited thirteen Consular Missions, which immediately after their consolidation have started to gradually offer consular services to Kosovo citizens living abroad. In accordance with the Law on Consular Services of Diplomatic and Consular Missions of the Republic of Kosovo and the Consular Regulation, diplomatic/consular missions offer but are not limited to these...more

Public relations

The Republic of Kosovo does not require the legalization of foreign documents which are used in the legal-administrative system of the Republic of Kosovo. After such a regulation enters into force, consular missions will be responsible for the legalization of these documents. more

Crisis unit

The Crisis Unit is an ad hoc working group that exists within the MFA for emergency cases. This unit functions within the Consular Department and is under the authority and direct oversight of the General Secretary of the MFA. During the operational period, the Crisis Unit is in direct contact 24 hours with respective diplomatic/consular officials and domestic institutions. Contact details...more

Visas for Kosovo citizens

Citizens of the Republic of Kosovo can travel without visas to Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro and the Maldive Islands. On the basis of a bilateral agreement between the Government of the Republic of Kosovo and the Government of the Republic of Turkey, all Kosovo citizens, carrying passports of the Republic of Kosovo, can travel directly to the Republic of Turkey without visas. To travel to...more