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October 2014

Hoxhaj meets with Mogherini, SAA and visa liberalization to be realized during the Italian presidency of the EU

Prishtina, 24 July 2014 – Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo, Enver Hoxhaj, has met today with the Foreign Minister of Italy, Federica Mogherini, whose country chairs the EU presidency.
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After the meeting, at a press conference, Minister Hoxhaj and Minister Mogherini praised Kosovo's progress on visa liberalization and expressed their mutual commitment to enable the signing of the SAA during the six months of the Italian Presidency of the EU.

Minister Hoxhaj and Minister Mogherini after the official meeting have signed an agreement on cooperation in the field of Transport between two states.

Hoxhaj appreciated the importance of this visit in two important moments for Kosovo. "Today the European Commission presented the report on visa liberalization, I discussed this topic with the Minister, and it is proven by the European Commission that the Republic of Kosovo has made a great progress in implementing key criteria and standards on visa liberalization. We are aware that it is a technical process and that Kosovo must meet all its obligations, but I asked the Minister Mogherini that Italian presidency and EU member states have a political will and set the date during this year, when Kosovo citizens can travel visa-free to Europe", stated Hoxhaj, expressing confidence that Kosovo will be rewarded at the end of this year.

Minister Hoxhaj also stated that the second event has to do with that that tomorrow will be initialled SAA agreement between Kosovo and the EU, asking for Minister Mogherini's support for Kosovo regarding this agreement during the next six months. "We wish that the process of concluding the signing of the Agreement occur during the Italian presidency and we hope to have the support of Italy", stated Hoxhaj, thanking the Minister for giving support to Kosovo's membership in international organizations.

He also stated that during the meeting were also discussed the agreements that have been reached between the Republic of Kosovo and Serbia, and the necessity of their implementation in the north of Kosovo.

Foreign Minister of Italy, Federica Mogherini, stated that it is of strategic interest of not only Italy, but the European Union as well, the integration of Kosovo and its Western Balkans neighbours in Europe. According to her, this is important for the stability of Europe and for development and prosperity.

Italian Foreign Minister wished that signing of the SAA be able during the six months of the Italian Presidency of the EU, stressing that it does not depend on the Italian presidency, but can be worked together to achieve this goal.

Minister Mogherini stated that during the meeting with Minister Hoxhaj they discussed about bilateral cooperation. "The idea is that both of our governments meet through prime ministers and ministers of economy and develop the economic cooperation between the two countries" she stated, citing the positive experience of working very well with Kosovo and Kosovars.

Asked by journalists, Hoxhaj also welcomed the leadership of the EU foreign policy by Ms. Mogherini as Ashton's substitute, expressing the confidence in the format of the dialogue between the Republic of Kosovo and Serbia, which could be led by her.


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