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July 2015

Hoxhaj: Foreign Policy is a national interest

Prishtina, 11 October 2012 – In the parliamentary debate called by the Kosovo Democratic League, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo, Enver Hoxhaj said that foreign policy is the embodiment of internal politics and a reflection of political unity.
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“In foreign policy, we must all share the responsibility for state interests. Me, as Minister, you, as deputies and us, as citizens,” he added.

According to Hoxhaj, Kosovo is an independent state and the process of recognition is irreversible and unstoppable.

“Therefore, no one can stop the flow of the history of complete recognition of the Republic of Kosovo. Independent Kosovo is part of the landscape of sovereign, democratic states in the Western Balkans and in Europe. It represents a political and legal reality and a geopolitical fact in Europe and the world.

The chief Kosovar diplomat emphasized that for the first time, lobbying of multi-lateral centers is occurring parallel with bilateral lobbying – state to state.

“Throughout all this time, I have had a concrete and measurable working plan, a weekly, monthly and annual agenda, together with a well-thought out strategic approach and detailed analysis for each state. Based on this strategy, I have visited over 42 countries which have still not recognized the Republic of Kosovo. The results are measureable. Within these 17 months, the Republic of Kosovo has been recognized by 17 sovereign states, which are members of the United Nations.  Each month, we have managed to achieve recognition, in a difficult period, and when achieving recognition has been conditioned by special geopolitical circumstances”, said Hoxhaj.

He emphasized that recognitions are important and will remain a priority of foreign policy, until Kosovo becomes a full member of the UN. However, foreign policy must not be reduced just to recognition.

Implementing other MFA objectives are just as important as increasing recognition.

“Recognition takes on its proper meaning with Kosovo’s full membership in Euro-Atlantic institutions. Because recognitions help to strengthen Kosovo’s international position, above all when we actively participate in regional and international mechanisms”, he said.

Minister Hoxhaj added that in one and a half years he has held over 150 bilateral meetings.

“In this year and a half, we have doubled the number of states with whom we have established diplomatic relations. Now, we are in the process of establishing diplomatic relations with the remaining states. We have signed 105 bilateral agreements between the Republic of Kosovo and other states, 10 multi-lateral agreements and 9 international agreements”, he added.

He also talked about membership in economic, financial, cultural and sporting organizations, which according to him are decisive in Kosovo’s integration into the international system.

“Thus, we have made an extraordinary effort to ensure the support of countries in order to become a full member of many regional, European and international organizations”, said Hoxhaj.


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