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December 2014

Hoxhaj praises Klaus Reinhardt’s contribution to Kosovo

Prishtina, 8 October 2012 – At the invitation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo, Enver Hoxhaj, the former KFOR Commander Klaus Reinhardt is on an official visit to Kosovo.
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In a meeting held on Monday, Minister Hoxhaj thanked General Reinhardt for KFOR’s hard work and what he has personally done for Kosovo at all times, producing extraordinary success, especially during the specific period during which Reinhardt was in command.

Hoxhaj emphasized the contribution that Reinhardt made to Kosovo between 1999 and 2000 as commander of NATO troops, a period in which KFOR, besides being strongly committed to creating a secure environment in the entire territory, was also strongly engaged in other processes relating to reconstructing and creating conditions for a normal life for citizens of Kosovo, after the war.

Hoxhaj noted the respect and appreciation of Kosovo’s people for Reinhardt, the German contingent and all KFOR troops, an appreciation and trust that has been demonstrated throughout the entire period of KFOR’s stay in Kosovo.

The former KFOR Commander in Kosovo, Klaus Reinhardt, said he was impressed with Kosovo’s progress, praising highly the achievements made in all aspects of life in the Republic of Kosovo.

Reinhardt expressed conviction about Kosovo’s future success, praising the steps Kosovo has undertaken in building and strengthening the state.

During his stay in Kosovo, Klaus Reinhardt will visit and hold meetings with leaders of institutions and social life in the Republic of Kosovo.


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First Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Thaci accepted his duty from the former Minister Hoxhaj


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