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October 2015

Japan helps Kosovo’s Philharmonic Orchestra with over 500 thousand Euros

Prishtina, September 19, 2012 – Kosovo’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Petrit Selimi and the Head of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) for Balkans, Kem Yamada have signed on Wednesday the Grant Agreement between the Government of Kosovo and the Japan International Cooperation Agency for the Kosovo Philharmonic Orchestra Instruments’ Improvement Project.
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Through this grant valued at 57, 600, 000 Yen (EUR 569,200) Japan provides a very significant support to Kosovo Philharmonic Orchestra.

After the signing of the agreement, Deputy Prime Minister Selimi thanked the Government and the people of Japan for the major support and assistance provided to Kosovo during the recent years.

Selimi spoke of the importance of Japanese support for Kosovo Philharmonic Orchestra by underlining that the beneficiary of this grant is one of the most significant in the area of culture and which has so far enjoyed only a small support from other donors.

He also mentioned Japan’s support to Kosovo even in the days when this friend country was hit by the earthquake and tsunami, calling it the best indicator of Japan’s major support for Kosovo.

“Japan’s support and assistance for Kosovo was always present. Japan is among the first countries to recognize the Republic of Kosovo; we have had a wonderful visit of the Prime Minister to Japanese and we are proud that we can co-invest in this new excellent with one of the world superpowers”, Selimi said, adding that Kosovo will never forget the help of the state of Japan and its people.

“This is a small step in our very long marathon of friendship between the two countries”, Selimi said.

 Meanwhile, after thanking Deputy Minister Selimi for his kind remarks, the Head of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) for Balkans, Kem Yamada emphasized that he feels extremely satisfied for this project that is aimed at advancing the activities of Kosovo Philharmonic Orchestra.
Yamada promised the ongoing support of Japan and JICA to Kosovo by underlining that the project at hand should serve as a model of cooperation and efforts that through music we may go beyond borders and build bridges of communication between nations.

“Japan and JICA will be here for Kosovo and will look for possibilities for an ongoing future cooperation”, Yamada stated. 


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