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Hoxhaj-Panariti: A strong lobbying agenda for Kosovo’s recognition

Prishtina, 11 September 2012 – The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo, Enver Hoxhaj and his counterpart from Albania, Edmond Panariti stated on Tuesday in Prishtina that the governments of the two states would undertake a strong lobbying campaign to conclude the process of recognition of Kosovo.

After the meeting held on the margins of the conference, “A Chapter Closed in the Balkans”, Minister Enver Hoxhaj said that the MFA of Kosovo and that of Albania would further strengthen cooperation and coordination with regard to the full conclusion of the process of recognition of the Republic of Kosovo.

“Both of us, as ministers are determined to push forward a very aggressive, dynamic lobbying agenda and I am grateful to the Minister for visiting various parts of the world, where he has officially and publicly requested that these states recognize Kosovo”, said Hoxhaj. 

He expressed the thanks of Kosovo’s institutions and citizens to Albania’s political and institutional leaders, for their lobbying, and as, Hoxhaj said, their prioritization of full recognition of Kosovo.

In addition, Minister Hoxhaj informed Minister Panariti about the historic day and major event in the Republic of Kosovo, one day after the decision to remove international supervision.

“Without doubt, this event will change our perceptions about how we see the Republic of Kosovo, as we see ourselves, but it is also an event which will change the attitudes and opinions of others toward the Republic of Kosovo”, said Hoxhaj.

On the other hand, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Albania, Edmond Panariti, congratulated Kosovo’s people and authorities on the historic occasion of removing international supervision of Kosovo.

“It is evidence of the consolidation and strengthening of democratic institutions in Kosovo, and of the full capacities of the new state of Kosovo to exercise, without any administrative restrictions, in all of its territory full sovereignty of the country”, said Panariti.

He emphasized that this event was evidence of the determined orientation of the new state of Kosovo on the path toward European integration and evidence of this is the receipt of the roadmap for visa liberalization and the feasibility study for a stabilization-association agreement.

“These are extremely qualitative steps made toward consolidating the legal state, consolidating institutions and toward European Union integration”, said Panariti.

The Foreign Minister of Albania also said that Albania and Kosova will increase cooperation to improve these extraordinary achievements, especially doing more regarding cooperation and coordination between the two states, and to expand the map of new recognitions of Kosovo.

“To make it possible for Kosovo to be worthily represented in international institutions with the ultimate goal its membership in the UN”, said Minister Edmond Panariti.

Hoxhaj and Panariti also discussed bilateral cooperation and stated that the two states committees on economic cooperation would meet this autumn and that their work would strengthen economic collaboration between the two countries.

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