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Cooperation between Albania and Kosovo, a model for countries of the region

Prishtina, 25 July 2012 – Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo, Enver Hoxhaj, welcomed today the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Albania, Edmond Panariti.

During the meeting, Ministers Hoxhaj and Panariti discussed the developments and progress achieved by both countries, the strong bilateral cooperation at all spheres, advancement of integration processes and the increase in joint activities for the empowerment of the international subjectivity of the Republic of Kosovo. 

After the meeting, the two Ministers held a joint press conference.               

Before journalists, Minister Enver Hoxhaj, congratulated Minister Panariti on his new post as the head of Albanian diplomacy and extended Kosovo’s acknowledgement for the great diplomatic support provided by the Albanian state for Kosovo.                   

Hoxhaj stated that Albania is a strong diplomatic, political, trade, educational and cultural partner for Kosovo and that both countries have a history, geography, culture and vision for European integration.

He further informed that the meeting discussed topics starting from the end of Kosovo’s independence supervision up to the 100th anniversary of Albania’s independence and highlighted these moments as evidence of the bright future for both of our peoples.

As far as economic cooperation is concerned, Hoxhaj pointed out that the full functioning of the economic cooperation group, established earlier, was discussed in order to strengthen economic and trade cooperation at all spheres.                                  

“Above all, we stand firm to eliminate all barriers of trade cooperation between our countries. I would also want to share a news that Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Trade and Industry, Mimoza Kusari, has decided to give an end to the provisional administrative measure with regards to cement import effective as of 1 August 2012”, stated Hoxhaj.

He also emphasized Kosovo interest of having Albania’s support with regards to European integration, in particular in the area of visa liberalization and the feasibility study in order for Kosovo to sign, as soon as possible, the Stabilization Association Agreement with institutions in Brussels.       

On the other hand, Edmond Panariti stated that he is honoured, privileged and full of emotions for his first visit to Kosovo as a Minister of Foreign Affairs of Albania.                              

Minister Panariti valued the quality progress that Kosovo has made during this successful period as an independent state, which, he claimed, culminated with the end of supervised independence of Kosovo institutions, the receipt of visa roadmap and the launching of feasibility study for the Stabilization Association Agreement.

“There is no other way to view this but with admiration and the full support for this institutional consolidation of Kosovo, economic development, prosperity and the building of a multi-ethnic society on the basis of European standards, respecting all rights of communities and minorities”, claimed Panariti.

He further added that Albania will continue to cooperate more intensively with now fully sovereign institutions of Kosovo towards Euro-Atlantic integration processes.             

“The end of supervised independence is the best evidence of the institutional consolidation and strengthening, which are now ready to exercise full sovereignty and administration throughout the territory of Kosovo”, stated the Albanian Foreign Minister.   

Panariti stressed that Albania, in coordination with Kosovo institutions, will intensify diplomatic processes in order to advance the recognition process of the Republic of Kosovo.

He also spoke of the further development of the freedom of movement of persons, goods and services and emphasized that no barrier, be it potato or cement, will prevent the high frequency of freedom of movement between the two countries and that cooperation between Albania and Kosovo should be a model to be followed by all countries of the region.                                             

With regards to the recent statements made by few representatives of the Republika Srpska calling on Serbs in northern Kosovo to arm themselves, Minister Hoxhaj stated that such statements are futile, from a futile representative, a political creature created from a genocide exercised against the Bosnians. “Republika Srpska is a genocide creature and being such, we don’t take seriously such statement and they have no impact on the political life of Kosovo. Those are statements recalling a bad memory as to how Republika Srpska was created”, claimed Hoxhaj.                     

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo commented on the position of Vuk Jeremic with regards to Kosovo’s membership in the UNO by stating that Serbia has lost politically, militarily and diplomatically in Kosovo and beyond, and that statements of an outgoing minister should not be taken seriously. “No one can stop the course of history and no one can prevent Kosovo’s membership into the UNO and European institutions”, he stated.

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