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July 2014

Diplomatic ties between Kosovo and San Marino established

Rome, 3 May 2012 – The agreement on establishing diplomatic ties between the Republic of Kosovo and the Republic of San Marino was signed in Rome on Thursday. Both ambassadors authorized by their governments, respectively Ambassador Danela Rotondaro by the San Marino Captain Regent, and the Ambassador of the Republic of Kosovo to Italy Albert Prenkaj, by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Enver Hoxhaj, signed the establishment of diplomatic ties.
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Both ambassadors concurred that this is only the first step, the beginning of relations between the two countries and placed the emphasis on the interest to establish relations in the economy sector. In this regard, Ambassador Rotondaro expressed interest to initiate the signing of agreements that would remove double taxes and protect mutual investments. Meanwhile, Ambassador Prenkaj stressed the commencement of the cooperation between the Italian-Kosovar Chamber of Commerce seated in Rome and the Commercial Chamber of San Marino.

The ceremony of signing the agreements on the establishment of diplomatic ties was assisted by the Advisor of the Embassy of Kosovo to Rome, Avni Hasani, and the Advisor of San Marino Embassy, Marina Emiliani.

San Marino has recognized the Republic of Kosovo on May 11, 2008.


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