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Besnik HotiDeputy Minister of Foreign Affairs since October 2017

Mr. Besnik Fahredin Hoti was born in Prizren, on June 4, 1980.

Mr. Besnik Hoti is married to Mrs. Elife Maxhuni - Hoti. They have three children, Argjira, Kreshnik and Etnik.

Mr. Besnik Hoti assumed the post of Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs in October 2017. His portfolio at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs covers mainly the Economic Diplomacy and Diplomatic Academy.

Mr. Besnik Hoti graduated from the Faculty of International Politics and Diplomacy, Victory College Pristina (2009).

He completed postgraduate studies in International Politics and Diplomacy at the Victory College (2011).

Prior to his involvement in politics, Mr. Besnik Hoti was a member of the academic staff at the Victory College (2009-2015), where he was a lecturer of the following subjects: Fundamentals of Diplomacy and Conflicts, as well as International Security.

From June 2009 until 2013 in different periods, he has successfully attended the professional course on the study program "Foreign Policy and Diplomacy", at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Republic of Albania.

Also from 2012 to 2016, Mr. Besnik Hoti attended trainings and study visits in the United States of America, where he also maintained close contact with the Albanian American Civic League led by Joseph J. DioGuardi.