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Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Behgjet Pacolli received in a meeting the delegation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary

First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Behgjet Pacolli received in a meeting the delegation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary, led by the ministerial commissioner, Mr. Istvan Joo.

 The meeting was also attended by the Ambassador of Hungary in Kosovo, Mr. Laszlo Markuz, President of the Committee for Western Balkans of the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Attila Galambos, and the Minister of Environment and Spatial Planning of Kosovo, Albena Reshitaj.

In addition to re-emphasizing the strong Hungarian support towards the full membership of the Republic of Kosovo in the international community and advancing the Euro-Atlantic agenda, special attention was paid to important environmental projects.

At the meeting, it was discussed about the implementation of the Agreement for the Establishment of the Framework Program for Financial Cooperation between the Government of the Republic of Kosovo and the Government of Hungary, as well as the establishment of the Steering Committee by the Ministry of Finance of Kosovo, for the purpose of identifying projects as well preparing the conditions for their implementation.

Minister Pacolli spoke about the priorities of the Republic of Kosovo, underlining projects in the field of waste and wastewater treatment. He also emphasized that the implementation of these projects will be a good opportunity to benefit from Hungarian experiences, which will also serve to establish cooperation between the two countries.

The Hungarian side mentioned the importance of identification and implementation of projects that will be carried out within the framework of the agreement for the establishment of the framework program for financial cooperation with Kosovo.

During this conversation, the excellent relations between the two countries were re-confirmed with new commitments and dedications to further strengthen these relations in areas of common interest.

It is worth mentioning that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs co-chaired the first session of the Joint Committee on Economic Cooperation between the Republic of Kosovo and Hungary, which was carried out in April of this year.

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