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Statement of the Foreign Minister, Mr. Behgjet Pacolli, with regards to the decision of Hague Tribunal sentencing Ratko Mladić for war genocide and crimes

“Institutions and citizens of the Republic of Kosovo welcomed the decision of Hague Tribunal, sentencing the “Butcher of Balkans”, Ratko Mladić, to life in prison for war crimes and genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This is an emotional day, with bitter memories, but which resulted with a peaceful justice for Bosnians. Today, all, including citizens of the Republic of Kosovo, share the pain with mothers and relatives of war victims in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Above all, we hope that such acts are never repeated again in our region and for this we have to work together, to take responsibilities for the acts in the past, to overcome differences for a peaceful and civilized future.

On this occasion, we are extremely concerned with the last statement of the Serbian President, Aleksandar Vučić, who, instead of apologising for brutal crimes that resulted from political directives of Belgrade, tries to demagoguery and relativize such a sensitive issue for all the peoples of the region who have suffered from the recent wars.

We want to restate once again that such irresponsible statements seriously infringe the peaceful future of our region, whereas such a nationalist discourse would have to belong to our bitter past”.

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