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Minister Pacolli meets the writer Ismail Kadare, as Mr Kadare says: Pacolli has put his name, authority and personality in service to Kosovo

Paris, 8 November 2017 – “I am glad I am hosting at my home the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo, Behgjet Pacolli, whom I have met in Kosovo as well. I am glad he has put his name, success and authority in service to Kosovo.”

This is what the most prominent Albanian contemporary writer, nominated several times for the Nobel Prize for Literature, Ismail Kadare, said at the occasion of welcoming at his home in Paris the First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister Foreign Minister of Kosovo, Behgjet Pacolli, together with his wife.

When asked about his opinion on the fact that Mr Pacolli chose France as one of the first places to visit, our writer, Ismail Kadare, said: "I appreciate this fact very much. Mr Pacolli is contributing to bringing Kosovo closer to Europe as Albanians are Europeans. They are the natural part of Europe".

During this the conversation, Foreign Minister Pacolli thanked the writer Kadare for his precious contribution, especially to Kosovo.

"I started my official visit to France at the home of the most prominent Albanian writer, Mr Ismail Kadare, who is one of the greatest and well-known writers all over the world. I wholeheartedly thanked him for the outstanding contribution he gave especially to Kosovo, starting with the demonstrations of the 80s, Rambouillet talks, and the numerous articles published in the French press", said Minister Pacolli.

Mr Kadare considered as very important the fact that Kosovo's top diplomat Mr Pacolli chose France as one of the first places to visit within his diplomatic tour and considered his appointment at the head of Kosovo's diplomacy as a positive move.

In this regard, he also praised the natural connections between Kosovo and the Albanian nation with France.

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