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Press Release of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Pacolli, with regards to the statements of Russian Ambassador to Belgrade, Alexander Chepurin

“I read with greater attention the statement of Russian Ambassador to Belgrade, Alexander Chepurin, who, according to media reports, stated, among others, that ‘...with regards to Kosovo, pursuant to all international laws an rules, Kosovo is part of Serbia…’.

It is, indeed, regrettable that such a high diplomatic leader makes such statements that do not contribute to peace, stability and confidence-building and reconciliation in the Western Balkans.

Russia has continuously been part of the process of negotiations for solving the final status of Kosovo.

Maybe it has been a long time – around six years – and the Russian Ambassador does not remember; however, I take the chance to recall for him that the main body of United Nations, International Court of Justice in Hague, upheld with its decision that the ‘declaration of Kosovo independence does not violate International General Law, Security Council Resolution or Constitutional Framework …’.

Even his country which he represents contributed, in written and verbally, to this process. I just do not know what other laws and regulations mentions the Russian diplomatic representantive. Based on the abovementioned, I cannot provide any other conclusion but that of continuation of Russian allegations for the sake of fake news and confusing local and international opinion”.

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