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Minister of Foreign Affairs Pacolli in the meeting with American diplomat Yee: Economic solutions facilitate interethnic relations

Prishtina, 25 October 2017 – “Economic solutions are very good to facilitate interethnic relations”. This is how Mr. Hoyt Brian Yee, Deputy Assistant of Secretary and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Behgjet Pacolli, during their hearty meeting held today in the afternoon in Prishtina.

Within this meeting, Minister of Foreign Affairs Pacolli, officially informed the Senior American Officer of his ideas for solving the problem of Trepca, and unification of Mitrovica by expanding the Free Economic Area in the whole territory of this municipality, as a solution that produces welfare, understanding and economic development for that area.

During the discussion, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Behgjet Pacolli, spoke also about the numerous meetings in the region, as the today’s visit in Macedonia and the earlier in Montenegro, emphasizing the constructive approach of the new Government and his personal one to develop peaceful and good neighbourhood relations, which would contribute to the further strengthening of regional cooperation.

With regards to Serbia, minister Pacolli stated “We decided to not respond to provocations from Serbia, focusing more on the future, fully respecting our sovereignty and the need to ultimately conclude this chapter of the history”.

On the other hand, the American diplomat praised the new steps, dynamic and creativity of the Kosovar diplomacy towards new recognitions, membership to international organizations, for which USA will continue to provide its assistance.

Mr. Yee guaranteed that USA will be close to Kosovo, will cooperate in the fight against international terrorism and for the economic development of the country and all other fields.
He also requested from Kosovo to conclude the issue of demarcation, as a chapter hindering the visa liberalization and encouraged Kosovo to continue the path of comprehensive reforms.

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