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Competition for selecting the best Photography and Article in promoting Kosovo 2017

Under the auspices of the First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Behgjet Pacolli, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs publicly invites all photographers and professional journalists, experts in these fields, and all common citizens, to participate in the competition for selecting the best photography and article 2017, which aims to promote the image of Kosovo.

The competition is focused, but not limited to, categories that include the following topics:
Cultural and religious heritage; (Writings and photography that are related to promotion of cultural and religious facilities);

1. Nature touristic attractions (photography and writings on the natural beauties of Kosovo);
2. Music (photography and writings dedicated to starlets in Kosovo and abroad that have contributed to increasing Kosovo’s image);
3. Sport (photography and writings that describe the improvement and development of domestic sport, and sport personalities of national and international level that have contributed to increasing Kosovo’s image);
4. Film (photography and writings related to development of Kosovar cinematography and successes of films, and Kosovar movie stars of both national and international level.)
5. History (photography and writings that express Kosovo’s historical values and distinguished historical figures that have contributed to the history of Kosovo);

6. Economy (photography and writings that include the development and growth of Kosovo’s economy, most attractive sectors of doing business, and successful domestic and international businesses that have invested in Kosovo);
7. Traditional Cuisine; (photography and writings on traditional cuisine);
8. Traditional garments (photography and writings that display the history of traditional costumes).

Foreign citizens living in Kosovo, and certainly all citizens of the Republic of Kosovo living abroad, may apply in this competition. All participants should apply with their genuine writings and photography.

The applicants must submit their photos and writings in the official electronic mail of the Public Communication Division in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,, or in person in the address below:

Public Communication Division / Wikipedia & Wikimedia Unit
Building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Str. Luan Haradinaj,
10000 Prishtina, Republic of Kosovo.

Photos submitted by the applicants should contain a brief description regarding the place it was taken, date and the author, including his or her contact details. The photos should not have been previously published in social networks and internet.

The writings, which were published before, must contain the name of the media, date and page number, and the author’s name and contact details.

The best photos and writings will be selected by a professional commission/jury, which will select the best top-three awards, and 20 other best photos and writings for 2017.

The article and photography that will be awarded by the commission/jury with the 1st place will be rewarded with EUR 1000, the 2nd place with EUR 800 and the 3rd place with EUR 500.

The other 20 writings and photos selected by the professional commission/jury will be each rewarded with EUR 100.

Authors of such writings and photos shall retain copyrights, however by participating in this competition they are granting the Ministry of Public Affairs the right to publish and use such writings and photos for the purpose of promoting the Republic of Kosovo, but not for commercial profits.

The photos and writings selected shall be published in Wikipedia and large search and technology companies and shall be used for organizing exhibitions on the Embassies of the Republic of Kosovo, online exhibition in their websites, and will be placed on the halls of important international institutions in which Kosovo participates.

The competition shall be opened as of today, namely 18th of October until 31st of October 2017, at 16:00h.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs would like to encourage all potential applicants to apply in this nation-wide competition, whose main purpose is to promote a better image for our country.

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