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Press release regarding the Kosovo Application Process at International Organizations

Prishtina, 4 October 2017 – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs informs the general public that the process of membership of the Republic of Kosovo in the regional, continental and global organizations, namely in UN and related agencies is and remains a priority objective of the Republic of Kosovo.

The Republic of Kosovo has so far joined in more than sixty regional, continental and global organizations and each action of the application, membership procedures or process is done in full and close coordination with the strategic and historical allies of Kosovo, respectively the United States of America and the European Union. Kosovo is allied to the Western countries and this alliance is eternal and irreversible.

The pragmatic postponement of the Republic of Kosovo's membership in Interpol and UNESCO is based on full and close coordination with the US and other Quint countries. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs re-emphasizes that the Government of the Republic of Kosovo and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs act in a coordinated, responsible, responsible manner and in defence of the national interest of the Republic of Kosovo.

Any other claim for creating a negative narrative to the public is unreasonable and unprofessional.

The Foreign Ministry estimates that these actions contribute to the strengthening of the international position of Kosovo, further advancement of relations with partner and allied states, security assurance and the promotion of peace in the region.

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