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Tourism promotion – priority of diplomacy

Prishtina, 27 September 2017 – On the occasion of the World Tourism Day, Ministry of Trade and Industry and Kosovo Investment and Enterprise Support Agency (KIESA), organized the conference “Diplomacy and Tourism”. The conference aimed at presenting the opportunities for tourism promotion in Kosovo through diplomacy, as well as opening the discussion for capacities of the Republic of Kosovo in the field of tourism.

Bajram Hasani, Minister of Trade and Industry (MTI), spoke about the role of tourism in the economic development of Kosovo, as well as priorities of MTI in the development of this sector. “Kosovo seeks to be member in the World Tourism Organisation and we believe that this is the right moment for Kosovo to be part of this important organization, as well as other international organizations”, stated Minister Hasani, while adding that the Kosovo potential and opportunities are competitive.

Director General in MFA, Albert Prenkaj, spoke about the role of MFA in tourism promotion. He stated that from the point of view of the foreign policy, the tourism should be seen as part of the region. “In the foreign policy, the economic policy is one of our priorities. With the new Government and foreign minister, the economic diplomacy has taken a special importance”, stated Prenkaj.

Director of the Kosovo Investment and Enterprise Support Agency (KIESA), Besian Mustafa, spoke about the activities of this agency. “KIESA has supported numerous companies in promoting the local tourism”, stated Mustafa, adding that the tourism needs a greater support.

Valbona Dushi from MTI spoke about the Kosovo potential for tourism, mentioning also statistics about the tourists. “The number of foreign and local tourists is being increased with around 15-20 per year”, she stated.

On the other hand, the Director of the Department for Economic Diplomacy within MFA, Gyner Ureya, stated that the tourism diplomacy is closely linked to the public, economic, culture diplomacy, etc. “Tourism affects the state image”, stated Ureya. He also spoke about the role of diplomatic missions of Kosovo around the world with regards to the tourism promotion.

Rrustem Abiti from the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce (KCC) participated also in the discussing panel. He stated that Kosovo has sufficient sources for tourism development, and therefore requested from the Government to consider this sector.

Ambassador of Kosovo to Japan, Leon Malazogu, spoke about his experience in promoting the Kosovo tourism in Japan. “In addition to other values, tourism is considered as precursor of investments”, stated Malazogu, adding that tourism promotion as a tool of diplomacy has already become one of the main priorities.

This conference was attended by other institutions, organisations and companies supporting the tourism.

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