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Press Statement of the First Deputy-Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Pacolli following the meeting with his Montenegrin counterpart, Srdjan Darmanović

Podgorica, 26.09. 2017 – In the light of his first official visit to Montenegro and the second to a neighbouring country, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, Pacolli, met with his Montenegrin counterpart, Srdjan Darmanović.

Below, find the full press statement of the First Deputy-Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, Mr. Pacolli: “We are here with my friend, colleague Srdjan Darmanović, to confirm the strongest feelings of the friendship of Kosovo's people, our government, the state of Kosovo to the Montenegrin people, the government and the state of Montenegro. I would like to extend my gratitude to you especially for the hospitality and readiness shown to successfully organize my visit.

The new government, established in Prishtina headed by Prime Minister Haradinaj, and I in the capacity of the second leading position within the Government, and on behalf of President Thaçi, we strongly are committed to confirm the new stage of our relations with the neighbouring Republic of Montenegro, by conducting here one of my first visits abroad.

Montenegro is the second state that I visit in the capacity as Foreign Minister. By this willingness, in our efforts, we express in most loyal way our feelings of friendship towards the people of Montenegro.

Kosovo is grateful to Montenegro for its distant and near history support, especially during the last war. Among our two peoples, there are traditional relations of friendship and cooperation at the level of families, individuals, municipalities, institutions and political parties.

The Montenegrin minority is a powerful bridge of this friendship. During discussions with Srdjan, both expressed readiness to sign a Strategic Partnership Agreement between the two countries. We are willing to arrange a joint meeting of our two governments at the earliest opportunity. We are looking forward to utilise Montenegro's experience regarding Euro-Atlantic integration. We are willing to push forward the development of economic relations, increase the volume of trade exchanges.

We are ready to see for possibilities of building and establishing communication paths between the two countries. We are aware of the existence of a problem in the relationship between us. We will do our best to overcome this problem in the spirit of friendship and cooperation between the two countries and pursuant to the principles of international law.

We fully respect Montenegro's sovereignty and territorial integrity and are convinced that Montenegro also shares the same respect for us. Nothing is impossible in the relationship between the two neighbours, who respect and appreciate each other”.

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