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MFA belies Serbia: Kosovo is a member with full rights of WCO (Document)

Prishtina, 8 July 2017 - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo (MFA) informed on Saturday the citizens of Kosovo that Serbia supported by Russia has failed to contest Kosovo’s full membership in the World Customs Organization (WCO), and that Kosovo will always be there with equal rights and obligations as a member state since joining in January this year in Brussels.

The distribution of membership fees to all members at the annual meeting in Brussels, including Kosovo, is considered a final confirmation that Kosovo is a full member (see document).

The issue has arisen as the chairman of this annual meeting was from the Russian Federation, who tried, by any means, to treat Kosovo as a non-member state and to hinder its representation in this meeting, which thing irritated the Secretary General and many member states by unanimously opposing it.

Minister Hoxhaj and MFA assure that Kosovo will not stop due to blackmail and malicious efforts of Serbia and Russia, instead it will continue to behave as an independent state by exercising sovereignty in all those organizations where it is a member and will not cease for a moment to defend its state interest until Kosovo's final membership to the UN.

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