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At the conclusion of Francophone Weeks – Hoxhaj calls on citizens to be part of French culture

Prishtina, March 30, 2017 – Organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo and international partners from Francophone countries, the activities on the conclusion of Francophone Weeks in Kosovo have continued.

An international conference on the teaching of French Language and Literature was the next event, which opened its doors today in Prishtina for professors, academics, experts and students, and benevolent of the French Language; an event that comes in the frame of Francophone Weeks, as well as the membership of Prishtina University at the Francophone University Agency (FUA), which was assessed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo, Enver Hoxhaj, as important event.

“Membership in FUA marks one of the most important events for the internationalization of the PU and Kosovar education. Another important moment that has preceded to this was the membership of Kosovo to the International Organization of Francophone in 2014. Both of these platforms should be utilized because they provide cooperation and communication with all life dimensions”, said on this occasion Minister Hoxhaj.

Whilst he added that “cautiousness of the Foreign Ministry is certainly linked with the French Language a very important diplomatic language – whilom a lingua franca of diplomacy but even today a reference for the essential concepts in diplomatic communication, and also by the fact that we are a small country, for whom, contact and communication are of vital importance”.

In a reflection on speed and dynamics of the time in which we live, Minister Hoxhaj emphasized that the use of French Language enables the youth and professionals from Kosovo to progress with the pace of 280 million people in the world that speak this language.

“Another challenge that comes with technological development is excessive use of internet and social networks which leads to loss of concentration. However it is exactly this technology that, while using it wisely in teaching techniques, may restore the focus on the learning. Your job is so difficult but it is so nice because it conveys emotion, emancipation and education”, said Minister Hoxhaj.

In the frame of this week, Minister Hoxhaj also met with young Kosovo Francophone’s, on which occasion, he awarded the price, The Francophone of Kosovo 2017, for the student Melos Kuqi, participant in the quiz related to the creation of Francophone Organization.

On this occasion, Minister Hoxhaj thanked the French Ambassador Didier Chabert, who has transformed The Francophone Week in an important event in Kosovo.

“I want to thank Ambassador of France in Kosovo who has transformed the Francophone Week in a major event. France and Francophone countries are friends of Kosovo and by teaching French Language, we deepen and strengthen this friendship, so I would tell all of you to learn French Language”, said Minister Hoxhaj. The Francophone Weeks conclude tomorrow with some other activities.

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