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Minister Hyseni welcomes the resolution of the OIC for Kosovo

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo, Skender Hyseni welcomed the vote on the Resolution for Kosovo, at the 36th session of the Council of Foreign Ministers at the Organization of the Islamic Conference being held at Damascus in Syria.

Prishtina, 25 May 2009

Minister Hyseni considers that the approval of this resolution is very important for Kosovo, since it will be of great assistance to countries in the Organization of the Islamic Conference, in undertaking steps toward recognizing Kosovo.

In addition, Minister Hyseni praised highly the attempts of all members of the OIC to pass this resolution.

Immediately after the resolution was approved, Minister Hyseni was informed of the news by the Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Republic of Albania, Mr. Lulzim Basha, to whom Minister Hyseni gave special thanks for this as well as the hard work of Albanian diplomacy during the drafting and voting of this resolution.

The Resolution under discussion assessed the developments and progress in Kosovo since independence, and welcomed the reconfiguration of UNMIK, the deployment of EULEX throughout all Kosovo, and called on the International Community to help the development of Kosovo. Amongst other things, this Resolution request s that the General Secretary of the Organization of the Islamic Conference report to this organization on developments in Kosovo. 

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