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Minister Hyseni meets with the Foreign Commission of the Albanian Parliament

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo, Skender Hyseni today met with a delegation from the Foreign Commission of the Albanian Parliament, led by the Commission chair, Mr. Preç Zogaj.

Prishtina, 14 April 2009

During the meeting, those attending the meeting shared their opinions about the progress achieved in our two countries: Albania, with its membership of NATO and Kosovo with its aspiration to be recognized internationally by as many states as possible.

Minister Hyseni informed the meeting about Kosovo’s progress in all fields in its first year of independence, with a special emphasis on the great work of consolidating Kosovar diplomacy. In addition, he gave a summary of the work up until now of the Minster of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo, mentioning especially the work completed for Kosovo’s representation in the highest Court of Justice, with its progress toward selecting Ambassadors, and toward recognitions etc.

Lobbying and the process of recognitions was a shared point of interest between the two sides, and the representatives of the Foreign Commission of the Albanian Parliament offered once again, the help of the Albanian state, its institutions and Albanian diplomacy in this process. In addition, those at the meeting shared their ideas about strengthening future cooperation between the two countries in all fields.

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