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MFA of the Union of Comoros answers Minister Hyseni’s letter of 3rd February, with a verbal note

This afternoon, a verbal note from the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, responsible for the Diaspora, francophone and the Arab world of the Union of Comoros, sent a verbal note to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Prishtina, 11 April 2009

This verbal note was sent in answer to the letter of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo, Skender Hyseni, sent on 3rd February 2009 to his opposite number in the Union of the Comoros, Ahmed Ben Said Jaffar, on the eve of the first anniversary of Kosovo’s independence, in which amongst other things, the request for the recognition of Kosovo’s independence was repeated.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Union of Comoros congratulated Minister Hyseni in the verbal note for the celebration of Kosovo’s independence, and wished the Republic of Kosovo prosperity and progress. The same verbal note, displayed a readiness in the near future, to strengthen friendship and cooperation between the two countries.

In the letters sent by President Sejdiu and Prime Minister Thaçi on the day of the declaration of independence and in the 3rd February letter of Minister Hyseni, besides the request for recognition, the Government of the Union of the Comoros was also invited to establish diplomatic relations in this country.

During the coming days, the MFA will communicate through official channels with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Union of Comoros in order to establish whether this verbal note is an effective recognition of Kosovo’s independence, since it did not define exactly whether it was or was not a statement of recognition. 

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