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Saint Lucia is soon expected to recognize Kosovo

Minster Hyseni continued yesterday his successful visit in New York, meeting with a large number of the ambassadors from different countries in the UN Organization.

New York- March, 26, 2009

Minster Hyseni met and spoke to the Permanent Representative of Saint Lucia to the UN, Ambassador Donatus Keith St. Aimee. Minister Hyseni has briefed the Ambassador of Saint Lucia on the achievements of Kosovo, process of recognition, international support that Kosovo is gaining more and more every day, in particular, the improvements in the economic field and building the state democratic institutions. “Kosovo has declared its independence on February 17, 2008. Up to date, 56 UN member states have recognized the independence of the Republic of Kosovo,” Minister Hyseni said. He has requested that Saint Lucia to join the countries that have recognized the will of Kosovo people to be free and independent.
Ambassador Aimee has emphasized the fact of the great importance for the recognition of Kosovo by the EU member states and neighboring states as well. “We support the humans’ and peoples’ will to decide on their own the way they would like to live. We support people’s will of Kosovo to have the fate on their own hands. The Government of Saint Lucia will soon make decision to recognize Kosovo,” he concluded. 

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