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Minister Hyseni has requested from Republic of Benin to recognize Kosovo

Yesterday Minister Hyseni has also met with the Head of Benin Mission to the UN, Mr. Jean-Francis Regis Zinsou. Minister Hyseni, during this meeting, has requested recognition for Kosovo’s independence and sovereignty.

New York-March 25, 2009

Minister has spoken on the successes of Kosovo, grand efforts of the institutions to create a safe and secure environment for all citizens, creation of more jobs in order to further improve economic development.
Minister has emphasized that Kosovo needs more recognitions in order to effectively contribute to the UN. Minister has emphasized that Benin would help a lot by recognizing the most recent country Kosovo in the world on its path to the institutional and political consolidation. “The independence of Kosovo has brought stability in the region. It as another meaningful argument pro decision for recognition. Kosovo cooperates closely with neighbors and it’s ready to contribute for peace and stability not only in the Western Balkans but in the wide region, too,” Minister Hyseni concluded. 

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