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Bahrain is expected to recognize the independence of Kosovo

The Foreign Minister of Kosovo H.E. Mr. Skender Hyseni informed the Ambassador of Bahrain to the UN H.E. Mr. Tawfeeq Ahmed Almansoor on the dynamic of the recognition process of Kosovo as an independent and sovereign country. Minister has stated that the process is going well.

New York- March 25, 2009

“So far 56 countries have recognized Kosovo and other countries will join this process,” Minister stated. He has requested recognition from Bahrain at the earliest possible time. “Recognitions for Kosovo are very important. We are working with countries from all over the world, in particular, with Arab countries, and Kosovo has been recognized only from an Arab country so far. If Bahrain recognized Kosovo, it would give a new push to the process of recognizing Kosovo from the countries of Arab world,” said Minister Hyseni.

Bahrain Ambassador to the UN, on the other side, has emphasized that Bahrain has carefully followed Kosovo on its path, before and after war. He‘s said that His government is aware of all sufferings of Kosovo people and expresses solidarism with Kosovo institutional efforts to build a sustainable society of good will and faith. As far as recognizing Kosovo as an independent and sovereign country, the decision will be taken on time. 

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