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Ghana will decide on Kosovo recognition

During a meeting with Ghana Ambassador to the UN, H.E. Mr. Leslie Kojo Christian, H.E. Minister Hyseni has briefed on the support given to Kosovo, a day before, from a great part of the UN member states.

New York-March 25, 2009

Minister Hyseni has expressed satisfaction on the received evaluations from yesterday’s session with regard to efforts for the progress made by Kosovo in all fields.
Minster Hyseni also has mentioned the achievements of Kosovo during the first year of the independence, challenges to be faced in the economic realm, the process of building the diplomatic and consular net of the Republic of Kosovo.
Minister Hyseni, during this occasion, has requested Ghana to recognize the will of people in Kosovo for freedom and independence and to recognize the most recent country in the World as soon as possible.
Ambassador Christian has stated that Ghana is aware of the importance of the recognition process for the people and institutions of Kosovo and the decision on this issue will come. 

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