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Speech of the Foreign Minister of the Republic of Kosovo in the UN Security Council

Thank you very much, Mr. President,
Your Excellencies,
As always, it is an honor to speak before you about my country’s achievements. The Republic of Kosovo has continued its steady progress in all areas since my last Statement to the Security Council in November 2008.

New York, 23 March 2009

Thank you very much, Mr. President,
Your Excellencies,

As always, it is an honor to speak before you about my country’s achievements. The Republic of Kosovo has continued its steady progress in all areas since my last Statement to the Security Council in November 2008.

Mr. President, last month, February 17, the people of Kosovo celebrated peacefully and in a very dignified manner the first anniversary of their country’s independence. In spite of a grave provocation and challenge to security situation incited by a considerable number of members of the Parliament of the Republic of Serbia, who joined some kind of session in Zvecan, the situation remained peaceful and calm during our National Holiday festivities. The Independence Day was also an appropriate occasion to look back and to take stock of achievements, progress, key events and developments in Kosovo during one year of its independence. Recognition of Kosovo as an independent and sovereign state has continued. Since the last Security Council deliberations on Kosovo, another 4 countries around the world have recognized the independence of our country. I wish to extend our profound thanks and appreciation to the peoples and governments of Panama, Micronesia, Maldives and Palau for supporting the right of the people of Kosovo to freedom and independence.

Internally, since the last Security Council debate, Kosovo has seen a number of positive developments. Reconfiguration of UNMIK has continued, and the European Union Rule of Law Mission, EULEX deployed throughout the Republic of Kosovo on 9 December. We have very much welcomed the EULEX deployment, and as EULEX achieves full operational capability, for very practical and pragmatic reasons, we request the conclusion of the mission and the mandate of UNMIK. Deployment of EULEX throughout Kosovo in accordance with the mandate which derives from:

a) The Kosovo Independence Declaration;

b) The Ahtisaari Package;

c) The Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo;

d) Laws of the Republic of Kosovo;

e) EU Joint Action Plan of the 4th of February 2008;

f) The invitations of February 17 and August 8, is a key event in the period between two SC sessions on Kosovo.

In its sessions of 15 and 16 December, The Parliament of Kosovo passed a number of important laws including the laws on the Constitutional Court and on the Foreign Service, Diplomatic and Consular Missions of the Republic of Kosovo. I addition to the first ten, already functional embassies, the establishment of another 12 diplomatic missions and 9 consular missions of the Republic of Kosovo is well underway.
State institution building, based on European standards, has continued with the launching, in January of the Kosovo Security Force. With the help of NATO we are developing our civilian-controlled security force.

The KSF is a great benefit to our neighbors as well as to our country. It will be a democratically-controlled, multi-ethnic, apolitical, NATO-interoperable force focused primarily on emergency response, and generally on activities to promote development and regional stability. Another two very important institutions of the Republic were launched in February, the Kosovo Security Council, chaired by the Prime Minister, and the director of the Kosovo Intelligence Service was appointed. The Government of the Republic of Kosovo has been working around the clock to address the so many issues of utmost importance for our country, especially in areas of economy,
justice and security, as well as fight against crime, corruption and cross-border criminal activity.

The Government is carefully managing the financial assistance many nations have given to Kosovo. Substantial improvements in the school and road infrastructure are obvious. Huge progress has been achieved in other areas as well.  Our Government has continued to seek ways to improve the conditions in the minority community areas, especially in the Serb-majority areas. I have to say though that the Republic of Serbia has not been helpful in this regard at all, as it has continued to encourage and support the illegal and criminal structures in the North. Serbia actively works to prevent Serb citizens of Kosovo from cooperating with the institutions that seek to protect their rights, help solve their problems, and improve their lives. Serbian government supports illegal parallel structures that exploit and confuse our Serb citizens, but never deliver appropriate assistance or solutions to their problems. The situation in the north remains an issue of utmost concern. Lawlessness, with evident support of the leadership in Belgrade, has turned that part Kosovo into a safe heaven for all kinds of criminal and illegal economic activity. The institutions of the Republic of Kosovo are committed to cooperating and working very closely with International Civilian Office and EULEX to restore law and order in the north and to improve the situation and living conditions in the Serb-majority areas.


The Republic of Kosovo has made cooperation with all of its neighbors a high priority. Belgrade tries to impede our cooperation with neighbors and the international community by blocking our participation in regional and wider international bodies. Belgrade is blocking our exports to Serbia. Our Government has refrained from reciprocal measures that would only hurt people and businesses on both sides. We hope that the Republic of Serbia will appreciate the necessity to join the efforts of the other nations in the Western Balkans to establish an environment of cooperation and understanding in the region, including normalization of relations with the Republic of Kosovo. My Government stands ready to engage in talks with Serbia on a wide range of issues of mutual interest as two independent and sovereign states. Dialogue would help ease tensions and normalize relations between our countries.

In the new Kosovo there shall be no room for hatred and violence. Kosovo’s institutions are committed to building a multi-ethnic democracy, at peace with its neighbors and contributing to regional and global cooperation and stability.

We are committed to pursue the goal of full membership in the European Union as soon as feasible and implement the reforms required. The conclusion of the EC of 5 November 2008 that Kosovo has a clear European perspective, in line with rest of the Western Balkans, and that a feasibility study will be presented to advance Kosovo’s EU perspective, is an ecouragement to us to intensify our efforts to meet all necessary requirements. The future of all nations of the Western Balkans lies in the European integration, and Kosovo intends to pursue this goal very vigorously. In achieving all the objectives mentioned the institutions of the Republic of Kosovo will continue cooperation with USA, EU and NATO. Close cooperation with our international partners is indispensable as we implement the Ahtisaari Plan and as we work to build a multiethnic Kosovo based on democratic values and highest international standards.

Mr. President,

In conclusion let me emphasize Kosovo’s strong commitment to become a contributing member of the international community. The Republic of Kosovo looks forward to working with all of the members of the Council to promote the shared goals of international peace and safety.

Once again I wish to thank you for the opportunity to present the views of the Republic of Kosovo.

Thank You. 

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