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Minister Hyseni receives a letter from the Foreign Minister of France, Mr. Bernard Kouchner

The Foreign Minister of Kosovo, H.E. Mr. Skender Hyseni has received a letter of congratulation from the Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of France H.E. Mr. Bernard Kouchner. Besides the congratulation on the first anniversary of the independence of Kosovo, Mr. Kouchner has congratulated Minister Hyseni on the progress achieved by Kosovo during the first year of its independence.

Prishtina - February 20, 2009
“The people of Kosovo have demonstrated to the whole world that they were prepared, to respect the rights of all communities in peace and work for its European future. I can only be pleased to see your country progressively entering into the international scene”, says among others, the letter of the Foreign Minister Kouchner. In the above mentioned letter, Minister Kouchner considers that the year 2009 for Kosovo will be a year of big challenges. “The beginning of the reforms envisioned by constitutional and law provisions is essential. Kosovo has also to offer its citizens development and prosperity perspective, at the moment when Kosovo is threatened by international financial crisis just as all its European allies are. It owes to the future just as it owed to the past to treat with respect coexistence of all communities in its territory”, it is quoted among others in the letter congratulation.

Expressing His belief that Minister Hyseni and the diplomatic net work on the widespread of international recognition, Minister Kouchner once again assured his Kosovar counterpart that France continues to support Kosovo on the path to the European future. 

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