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Minister Hyseni receives a letter from Czech Foreign Minister, Karel Schwarzenberg

Mr. Karel Schwarzenberg, Foreign Affairs Minister of Czech Republic, the actual European Council Chairman, has written a letter to Kosovo Republic Foreign Affairs Minister Skender Hyseni.

Prishtina - February 12, 2009

The European Council Chairman has written the above mentioned letter to Minister Hyseni in response to the congratulations of the latter that had been made during the occasion in which Czech Republic took over the European Council chairmanship. In the mentioned letter, is emphasized that integration of Western Balkans is one of priorities of Czech foreign policy during the chairmanship of the EC.

In his letter, Czech Foreign Minister, Karel Schwarzenberg has ensured that Czech Republic aims to continue the support to Kosovo in the process of building a democratic and multiethnic state. He has also offered support to the development of European perspective of Kosovo, which is very important for people of Kosovo and for the security and stability in the whole region.

‘I hope that cooperation and joint efforts during the following period of time will produce positive results’, is written, inter alia, in the letter of the next chairman of the EC, Czech Foreign Minister Mr. Karel Shwarzenberg sent to Minister Hyseni. 

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