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Ministers Hyseni and Babacan sign two important agreements

A part of agenda of Republic of Turkey Foreign Affairs Minister, Ali Babacan in Kosovo was the signing of two important agreements with Kosovo Foreign Affairs Minister, Skender Hyseni. With the media being there, both counterparts signed agreements on visa removal between the two countries and The Strategic Document of Cooperation between Kosovo Republic and Republic of Turkey.

Prishtina - January 13, 2009

According to the agreement on reciprocal visa removal, Kosovo citizens are ensured to travel to Turkey without visa and are permitted to stay within 90 days period.
The aim of strategic Cooperation Document between two countries is to intensify and enrich even more relations in all fields between our two nations. The Strategic Document signed by Ministers Hyseni and Babacan envisions the following:

  • High bilateral level contacts and consults in order to exchange positions related to regional issues, regional initiatives cooperation and international organizations,
  • Establishment of regular consults between both Ministries of Foreign Affairs,
  • Assistance on consolidation process of Foreign Affairs Ministry,
  • Preparation of the necessary platform to develop cooperation in all economic fields, trade and technical field, including the establishment of a Joint Economic Board. Efforts should be intensified to encourage investments on a private sector, especially small and average enterprises. Necessary conditions to invest should be considered.
  • To improve cultural relations on bases of mutual historical values and cultural values of both our nations, including the protection of shared historical inheritance.
  • All inclusive cooperation in all levels of education, institutional inter-academic cooperation, students and experts exchange programs, development of research programs, etc.
  • The promotion of inter-relations between municipal governments and NGO-s.
  • According to the same document, Republic of Turkey and Republic of Kosovo agree to cooperate closely in the security field and regional stability. It will have continuous consults between two governments to fight crime, international terrorism and all other types of criminal activity. All necessary measures are going to be taken to improve joint actions in these fields, including trainings and assistance.

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