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Minister Hyseni’s activities during his two day visit in London H.E. Minister Hyseni has held a lecture in the Royal Institution of International Affairs ‘Chatham House’ in London. Minister Hyseni met with diplomats of the countries that are still in the...more
H.E. Minister Hyseni has travelled to LondonToday, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo, Skender Hyseni, has departed to London. Tomorrow, he will address a speech with the topic ‘The independence of Kosovo-a year...more
Minister Hyseni receives a letter from the Foreign Minister of France, Mr. Bernard KouchnerThe Foreign Minister of Kosovo, H.E. Mr. Skender Hyseni has received a letter of congratulation from the Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of France H.E. Mr. Bernard Kouchner. Besides the...more
Republic of Maldives recognized the Republic of Kosovo as a sovereign and independent stateThe Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Maldives forwarded a letter from H.E. Dr. Ahmed Shaheed, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Maldives to H.E. Mr. Skender Hyseni, Minister...more
Minister Schwarcenberg congratulates Minister Hyseni on the first anniversary of independence The Czech Ambassador appointed to Prishtina, Mrs. Janina Hrebickova, handed over a congratulation letter to Minister Hyseni from Czech Foreign Affairs Minister Mr. Karel Schwarcenberg, congratulating...more
Minister Hyseni receives a letter from Czech Foreign Minister, Karel SchwarzenbergMr. Karel Schwarzenberg, Foreign Affairs Minister of Czech Republic, the actual European Council Chairman, has written a letter to Kosovo Republic Foreign Affairs Minister Skender Hyseni.more
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