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Ghana will decide on Kosovo recognition During a meeting with Ghana Ambassador to the UN, H.E. Mr. Leslie Kojo Christian, H.E. Minister Hyseni has briefed on the support given to Kosovo, a day before, from a great part of the UN member...more
Minister Hyseni requests Libya to recognize the independence of Kosovo Kosovar Foreign Minister H.E. Mr. Hyseni, today, had a special meeting with the next chairman of the UN Security Council, Libyan Ambassador to the UN, H.E. Mr. Abdurrahman Mohamed Shalgham.more
Minister Hyseni repeated the request of Kosovo for recognition addressed to China Kosovar Foreign Minister Hyseni, in a meeting with, Deputy Permanent Representative of China to the UN, Ambassador Liu Zhenmin, has talked about the process of building Kosovo state institutions.more
Speech of the Foreign Minister of the Republic of Kosovo in the UN Security Council Thank you very much, Mr. President,
Your Excellencies,
As always, it is an honor to speak before you about my country’s achievements. The Republic of Kosovo has continued its steady...
Minister Hyseni to take part in the informal meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the EU in Czech Republic The Foreign Affairs Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Mr. Skender Hyseni has received an official invitation to participate in the informal meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the European Union.more
Minister Hyseni’s meetings in the European Parliament During his stay in Strasbourg, Kosovar Foreign Minister H.E. Mr. Skender Hyseni had a series of meetings with Euro deputies from the EU countries.more
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