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Dominican Representative: We recognize the people of Kosovo’s right to self-determination On the third day of his visit to New York, the Foreign Minister of Kosovo, Skender Hyseni continued with a series of meetings, mainly with representatives of countries which have not recognized...more
Ambassador of Qatar: I will recommend that my Government review recognition as soon as possible In one of a series of meetings, Minister Hyseni held in New York, he met with the Permanent Representative of Qatar at the United Nations, Ambassador Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser, with whom Minister...more
The Ambassador of Tunisia: I will inform the authorities On the third day of his visit to New York, Minister Hyseni had a very productive meeting also with the permanent representative of Tunisia to the United Nations, Jalel Snoussi.more
Mauritania will make a decision soon about recognition In a meeting with the permanent representative of Mauritania at the United Nations, Ambassador Abderrahim Ould Hadrami, Minister Hyseni repeated once again the call to recognize the Republic of...more
Lebanon, searching for the right moment for recognition; South Africa, following closely developments in Kosovo In the meeting that Minister Hyseni held with Lebanon’s representative at the United Nations, Ambassador Nawaf Salam, he thanked him for supporting Kosovo and for the recent vote in favor of a...more
Ambassador of Honduras: Kosovo’s independence is a concrete reality in the region In the meeting with the permanent representative of Honduras to the United Nations, Ambassador Jorge Arturo Reina Idiaquez, Minister Hyseni discussed the most recent developments in Kosovo, and the...more
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