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Ambassador Dugolli presents his credentials to His Majesty, King Albert II Brussels, 27 October 2009 - Ilir Dugolli, Ambassador of the Republic of Kosovo to the Kingdom of Belgium presented his credentials to His Majesty King Albert Albert II.more
Statement regarding persons missing in the River Tisa in HungaryPrishtina, 23 October 2009 – The public is now aware of the events which occurred in the River Tisa on the border between Hungary and Serbia, where it is thought that whilst trying to cross the...more
Minister Hyseni meets Tarja Laitiainen, Finland’s Ambassador to Kosovo, Prishtina, 21 October 2009 – After the Ambassador of the Republic of Finland, Tarja Laitiainen, had presented her credentials to Fatmir Sejdiu, the President of the Republic of Kosovo, she also...more
Minister Hyseni meets the new head of the Belgian Office in Prishtina, Alain Van GuchtPrishtina, 21 October 2009 – Today, Skender Hyseni, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo had an introductory meeting with the new head of the Office of the Kingdom of Belgium, in...more
Minister Hyseni and his Macedonian counterpart, sign act establishing diplomatic relations Prishtina, 18 October 2009 – In the late evening of Saturday 17th October 2009, Skender Hyseni, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo and Antonio Milošoski, Minister...more
Statement by the Foreign Minister of the Republic of Kosovo H.E. Skender Hyseni to the United Nations Security CouncilNew York,
15 October 2009
Mr. President of the Council,
Your Excellencies,
Let me first express my deep appreciation for the opportunity to brief you, the honorable...
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